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500 Hour Salt Spray Resistivity Test for ButlyFil Elastomer

ButylFill Conductive Elastomers


BUTYLFILL ELASTOMERS are Nolato Jabar's new grade of conductive shielding gaskets, designed specifically to combat field performance degradation due to corrosion. Our extremely low-permeability formulation of butyl rubber is combined with uniquely treated silver-plated aluminum conductive particles, providing a sealing system unmatched in performance.

While newly developed competitive products boast a 20–50 percent reduction in flange pitting, ButylFill outperforms competitors' formulations by blocking water vapor throughout the width of the seal, while maintaining electrical conductivity and dramatically reducing corrosive degradation.


ButylFill is compatible with an array of chemicals and media and is used in a wide range of environmental conditions. The most common end use is where fluid, fuel, oil, and/or chemical resistance is required. For an extensive listing of common chemical compatibilities click here.


  • M83528 Mil-Spec performance
  • Low permeability, butyl rubber copolymer
  • Silver-plated aluminum for military applications

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Shielding is manufactured to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF, or customer specifications.

Our quality control system is approved for Mil-I-45208.

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Silicone rubber provides the maximum in reliability - whether exposed to adverse conditions or used normally.

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