Ja-Bar's shielding history

Ja-Bar's Shielding History

In 1965, Ja-Bar began utilizing their unmatched expertise in silicone elastomer technology to develop EMI/RFI shielding materials. The first shielding material to ship from our production floor was our Wire Mesh in Silicone.

First manufacturing blocks and slabs for others to fabricate, then manufacturing stripping and sheeting for die cutters to produce finished product, and shortly thereafter we added finished, fabricated, EMI/RFI Shielding seals.

Throughout development this product line transformed into a multi-stranded, single-wire orientation, now known as our Series 600. Today we remain the world’s largest manufacturer of Oriented Wire in both solid and sponge silicone, and also fluorosilicone.

While the Series 600 development team was progressing, a need for thinner, flatter, metallic shielding gaskets spawned our development of silicone filled woven and expanded metallic sheeting. Our unique processing capabilities provided for immediate electrical continuity on contact, with environmental sealing obtained under proper torque pressures. With the original manufacturing techniques primarily still intact, we’ve again cornered the production market of our now well-known Series 900 Expanded Metal/Screen Cloth Elastomer Combinations.

Realizing that the military, automotive, and consumer electronics industries were greatly in need of qualified economical alternatives to once-patented conductive silicone technology, Ja-Bar entered into another facet of EMI/RFI Shielding seals—Conductive Particle-Filled Elastomers, also known as our Series 800. In 1985—with compounds developed to meet or exceed our competitors—Ja-Bar qualified for what was then referred to as Mil-G-83528, now known as MIL-DTL-83528. We maintain the QPL status for these materials and have added essential variations to these compounds to accommodate both the military and commercial markets' sealing, shielding, and survivability needs. With over 5500 proven electrically conductive, electrically insulative, and electrically insulative/thermally conductive compounds (formulated by Ja-Bar Silicone) at our disposal, we’re able to offer the appropriate conductivity, Shore A & OO hardness, tensile tear, compression set, and elongation characteristics to meet our customer's application needs.

During our on-going engineering efforts, we discovered that the military, automotive, and consumer electronics industries were still searching for shielding materials not yet available. So we made them available. We added Shielded Optical Filter (Series 100) fully machined and terminated at Ja-Bar. We added, through close affiliates, Knitted Wire Mesh (Series 300), Wire Mesh / Elastomer combination seals (Series 400 & Series 500), Honeycomb Ventilation Panels (Series 200), Metalized Fabric over Foam (Series 577 with limitless profiles), and BeCu Finger stock (Series 350). Lastly, to glue it all together, we developed an unmatched series of Conductive Adhesive Systems (Series 000), meeting the needs of nearly every manufacturing environment and customizable to your specific requirement if we do not have it readily available.

Bring us your most current, most difficult, or your least cost-efficient sealing application, and let us do what we have been doing for over 50 years...seal it.

Ja-Bar.... let us be your Complete Proven Source.

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Shielding is manufactured to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF, or customer specifications.

Our quality control system is approved for Mil-I-45208.

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Silicone rubber provides the maximum in reliability - whether exposed to adverse conditions or used normally.

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