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Reinforced Conductive Seals

Reinforced Conductive Seals


Often times standard conductive, particle-filled elastomers do not have the inherent strength required for demanding hatch, access panel, and door seal applications. The strength can be greatly increased by the addition of a reinforcing fabric such as dacron or fiberglass. As you can see in the above diagram of a bulb seal, the fabric can be imbedded into the seal so environmental sealing and shielding effectiveness remain unaffected.

Our reinforced, electrically conductive seals are mostly used in applications where there is high vibration (which can wear down a gasket's resilience) and where closing forces create shear forces too high for standard gasketing to withstand.

All of our reinforced electrically conductive seals are manufactured with the same military grade compounds as our non-reinforced materials and are certified to meet Mil-DTL-83528 where applicable.

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Shielding is manufactured to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF, or customer specifications.

Our quality control system is approved for Mil-I-45208.

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mechanical sealing products

Silicone rubber provides the maximum in reliability - whether exposed to adverse conditions or used normally.

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